New Furniture

Our office has seen a few different changes this week.  As you probably know from what I’ve been discussing, we got some new furniture to replace the old, shabby grey stuff.  That was years and years too old to begin with, and the office regulars are commenting that it seems like an entirely new place to work.

The Hayfield Telescope

I’d also like to point out that the old Hayfield telescope is back in service!  It’s been a long time coming after that mirror shattered.  It was really tough to replace that mirror, but thankfully Manzinuku Industries out of Japan really came through in the end.  We should be scheduling time with the telescope very soon, and hope to have everything refurbished shortly.

Office Security

After our office computers got hit by a virus this week our tech installed some antispyware software that has been working quite well.  The trojan malware that had infected several computers was made quick work of by Spyhunter 4, which did an excellent job.  Thankfully it does not appear that any personal data was compromised.  However we would like to stress that people should not use office computers to conduct personal business such as online shopping or personal banking.  We would also like to stress that people should not browse unsafe internet neighborhoods, such as hacking sites, adult websites (ahem) and gambling sites.  Another thing we suspect may have caused this is the usage of torrents because of our fast streaming internet.  Please do not use our internet for torrenting!

We may be installing additional security measures, so stay tuned for an update if that is to happen.  We may require users to update passwords just in case.  We may also reset network passwords.

Ted Talks

Some Ted talks that we recommend this month: